Silver Age Adventure with JOHNNY UNITAS In FU JITSU #3 Preview

"Fu Jitsu #3" preview

The Golden Arm gets his due in a preview of next week's Fu Jitsu #3 from AfterShock Comics.

FU JITSU #3 / $3.99 / 32 pages / Color
writer: Jai Nitz
artist: Wes St. Claire
cover: Wes St. Claire
On Sale: NOVEMBER 29 2017
Travel back in time sixty years to 1959 where Johnny Unitas and Fu Jitsu fought crime as The Golden Arm and Shaolin Lad!  Then travel sixty centuries into the future where Robert Wadlow tries to escape the infernal prison at the end of time!  Then travel back to now and see this story is just getting started! Kung-fu-time-travel-football goodness, brought to you by AfterShock Comics!    
From Jai Nitz, the award-winning writer of El Diablo, Suicide Squad Most Wanted and Dream Thief, comes this action-packed new series with art from Teen Titans Annual artist Wes St. Claire!

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