DEVIL'S DUE / 1FIRST COMICS February 2018 Solicitations

Devil's Due/1First Comics February 2018 cover
Credit: Devil's Due/1First Comics

Malefic #6
(W/CA) Dan Schaffer
(A) David Miller
“The Devil You Know.” As Doctor Freust's methods continue to backfire, she is forced to improvise with increasingly bizarre treatments. When an inmate's demonic multiple personality literally raises hell in her own cell, Freust switches from psychology to old school religion to keep the situation under control. But her moment of victory is short lived when a new inmate arrives determined to unravel all her hard work... and her mind.

Nightmare World Omnibus
(W) Dirk Manning
(A) Austin McKinley, Jeff Welborn, Seth Damoose, Erich Owen, Len O'Grady, Howier Noel, Anthony Peruzzo, Mark Matlock, John Marroquin, Grant Perkins, James Reddington, Renae De Liz, Jason Meek, Josh Ross, Kristen Perry, Stacie Pondar, & More
(CA) Kristen Perry
52 stand-alone genre-hopping horror stories all intertwine into one epic tale of Lovecraftian proportions, proving NIGHTMARE WORLD to be the most ambitious horror anthology of a generation. Tales of ghosts, Cthulhu, demons, zombies, killers, and the Devil himself haunt this massive prestige edition hardcover perfect for any horror comic fan.

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