Full First Issue: DAMSELS VOL. 2

"Damsels vol. 2" preview

Leah Moore, John Reppion, and others re-envision fairy tales from a female point-of-view in a full issue preview of this week's Damsels Vol. 2 TP from Dynamite Entertainment.

Damsels Vol. 2 TP
writers: Leah Moore, John Reppion
artist: Aneke, Cris Bolson, Dietrich Smith
cover: Aneke
FC  |  200 pages  |  $19.99 |   Teen+  
Weeks have passed since the defeat of the witch Belladonna, yet “Happily Ever After” is still out of reach for Rapa, the once-and-future Queen Rapunzel. The wandering adventurer chafes in the trappings of her royal station, her heart yearning to once again roam the roads and wilderness of her magical world. However, her path is not at all safe... for the witches Gothel and Carabosse have formed a new black coven, and are amassing a new army of the wicked!

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