Moto Hagio Homages PARASYTE Inside NEO PARASYTE M

"Neo Parasyte m" preview

Here is a massive preview of this week's Neo Parasyte M, an anthology homaging Hiroshi Iwaaki's classic manga Parasyte. This preview is the entire 61-page story by Moto Hagio.

ISBN 9781632366047
They look like us. They feed on us. They’re parasites – alien creatures with one directive: take human form via a host and destroy the human race from within. First seen in Hiroshi Iwaaki’s classic science fiction horror manga Parasyte, these terrifying creatures are revisited and reinvented in 12 brand-new stories drawn by some of today’s greatest shonen and seinen manga artists. But no matter who they choose as their hosts – from militia men to the seemingly sweet elderly – one thing is for certain: no one is safe from the parasites…
Includes new tales of parasitic horror by:
- Moto Hagio (Heart of Thomas, They Were Eleven)
- Akira Hiramoto (Prison School)
- Hiro Mashima (Fairy Tail)
- PEACH-PIT (Shugo Chara!, Rozen Maiden)
- Ryouji Minagawa (Spriggan, ARMS)
- Riichi Ueshiba (Mysterious Girlfriend X)
- Hiroki Endo (Eden: It's an Endless World!)
- Takayuki Takeya (character & mecha designer)
- Yasushi Nirasawa (designer, Kamen Rider)
- Moare Ohta (Teppu)

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