RUROUNI KENSHIN Creator Arrested For Child Pornography Possession

Rurouni Kenshin
Credit: Nobuhiro Watsuki (VIZ Media)
Credit: VIZ Media

Manga-ka Nobuhiro Watsuki has been arrested by Tokyo Metropolitan police on child pornography possession, according to Yahoo Japan. Watsuki, 47, is creator of the long-running manga Rurouni Kenshin and was a mentor to One Piece's Eicchiro Oda.

Child pornography DVD was reportedly found in Watsuki's Tokyo offices and his home during police searchs back in October, with investigators also saying they had direct evidence that Watsuki purchased some of these.

“I liked girls from the upper grades of elementary school to around the second year of junior high school," Watsuki reportedly told authorities.

If convicted, child pornography charges in Japan carry up to a one-year prison sentence and fines up to 1 million yen ($8,908 in U.S. currency).

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