JUSTICE LEAGUE Breaks $650m But Still Behind All Other DCEU Films

Justice League
Credit: Warner Bros.

Updated January 3, 2018: After 46 days in theaters, Warner Bros.'s Justice League keeps chugging along and has earned a grand total of $650.9m, according to BoxOfficeMojo. That breaks down to $225.9m domestically and $425m internationally.

Although still on roughly 1,200 screens domestically, Justice League's $650.9m would place it last in the DCEU box office grosses, behind Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.6m),Wonder Woman ($821.8m), Suicide Squad ($746.8m), and Man of Steel ($668m).

Updated December 19, 2017: After five weekends in theaters, Justice League has surpassed Wonder Woman on the international front with a $416.m box office take, according to BoxOffice. Domestically however, the Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon-directed film has picked up $219.5m - roughly $200m less than Patty Jenkins' Wonder Woman.

In total, Justice League has earned $636m at the box office.

Updated December 11, 2017: Four weekends in and Warner Bros.'s Justice League has earned $613.3 million at the box office, according to BoxOffice. That breaks down to $212m domestically and $401.3m internationally, with $9.5m and $15.4m coming just this weekend, respectively.

While in North America the film is falling short compared to its predecessors, it is close to surpassing Wonder Woman internationally as that film took in $412m outside of North America.

Original Story: Justice League took in $281.5 million in worldwide box office in its opening weekend, with $96m of that making up the domestic total, according to Deadline. This is well below Justice League's projected domestic box office opening estimate of $110m. 

This also marks the lowest domestic debut of any DC superhero movie since 2011's Green Lantern took in $53.2m in its opening weekend. It is also the lowest of any DC Extended Universe film, with its immediate predecessor Wonder Woman having debuted to $103m, 2016's Suicide Squad, which had a $134m domestic opening, and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which opened domestically to $166m. Man of Steel, the film that kicked off the DCEU, opened to $116m.

Justice League did set two box office records: the largest IMAX opening ever at $13.7m, and Brazil's top opening weekend of all time, where it earned $14.2m. The U.K., Mexico, and Korea round out the top of the international markets, with the film still to debut in Japan. It has earned Warner Bros.' second highest regional opening in Asia, with $41.2m.

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