LINE WEBTOON Adds 2 Titles, Brings Back FIREBRAND

LINE Webtoon
Credit: LINE Webtoon
Credit: LINE Webtoon

The online comics platform LINE Webtoon is launching two new titles and the return of a previous series as part of thier partnership with Legendary Pictures' comic book division.

“I’m thrilled to be breaking new ground with this epic time-twisting Celtic tale," said Barrowman. "Starring as Charlie in the comic and helping create him, how brilliant is that? This collaboration with Legendary Comics and LINE Webtoon is a match made among the gods"

Arrow's John Barrowman is seguing from work-for-hire comic books at DC and Titan to his own creator-owned series titled Cursed. This Scottish fantasy series is co-written by Carole Barrowman and Erika Lewis, with art by Beni Lobel based on Tommy Lee Edwards designs.

Credit: LINE Webtoon

"Cursed is a time-traveling magical journey set between 1745 and present day that follows Charlie Stewart, a dislikeable lawyer whose bloodline is cursed by the Gods after Charlie's ancestor, Prince Charles Edward Stewart, makes a deal with Bregon, the god of war," reads LINE Webtoon's description. "The exchange quickly backfires with Bregon stealing three talismans from his sisters, the goddesses of fate and time, and a battle soon ensues. Until the talismans are returned, the three sisters can no longer control fate and time, and Charles Edward Stewart and his descendants are cursed to lose everything on their 40th birthdays. "

Rob by Doctor Who screenwriter Richard Dinnick and an unspecified artist follows a knight-in-training during medieval England.

"On a run-of-the-mill hunting trip, Rob tries to save the life of ‘The Young King’ of England, but instead of being rewarded for his bravery, Rob is banished from the land," reads Rob's description. "When the Young King is assassinated by France’s Chevaliers Sinistre, a secret order of highly-trained French knights, Rob and his mentor, Sir Hugh, head East to Constantinople disguised as pilgrims to complete a secret quest for ‘The Spear of Destiny.’"

Lastly, Jessica Chabot, Erika Lewis, and Claudio Aguirre's Firebrand is returning with a new second season at LINE Webtoon subtited The Initiation of Natali Presano. This new volume continues the story of the Natali Presano, a witch stuck betweensides in a magical war.

"In season one, Natali Presano, a witch who never fit into her father’s human world, fled the safety of her home into the arms of her aunt Selena, the mysterious guardian of a magical order waging a centuries-old war for survival in the mountains of Spain. Now, 20 years old, and sworn to protect humankind and Eder from those who seek to destroy it, Natali returns with Selena to Seattle. In season two, the dark forces regroup and Natali must race against time to find the key to their destruction while facing demons from her past she thought were long since gone."

All three titles are scheduled to debut in 2018.

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