Seattle's ZANADU COMICS Closing After 42 Years

Zanadu Comics
Credit: Zanadu Comics

Zanadu Comics of Seattle, Washington is closing its doors on January 28, 2018 after 42 years as a comic book store.

"The dream has ended... The good guys don’t always win. Unfortunately, our world is harsher than that of comic books and after 42 years of battling in the trenches of comic book retail, Zanadu Comics will be closing its doors at the end of January 2018," read the announcement on the store's Facebook page. "Believe us when we say that this decision was not made lightly. There are hundreds of reasons we could list, but the truth is that the money coming in does not equal the money going out. Perry has worked and hustled and played the angles for longer than he should have been able to, but time has a way of catching up with even the most diligent businessman. The industry has changed, our clientele has diminished and unfortunately, we are just too far in the red to continue to serve as your local comic book store."

Credit: Zanadu Comics

The store launched a GoFundMe campaign last December, raising $16,695 but with a goal of $80,000.

"Words cannot express how deeply Zanadu has appreciated our customers over the years, especially the Wednesday Warriors who made the weekly pilgrimage in rain, snow or shine (or riot) to get their fix. You are the reason why Zanadu has been able to keep the doors open for so long and we’d like to think that we did our very best to provide a fun, comfortable and enjoyable shopping experience for every single person who walked though the door. We tried to make a place where we wouldn’t just sell comics, but help people find stories that would live with them forever.
In addition, the support for our GoFundMe campaign this past year has been staggering and it’s nice to know how much Zanadu has impacted people’s lives since 1975."

You can read Zanadu's full statement here.

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