PAUL POPE Monstrously Hungry In HUNGRY GHOSTS #2

Hungry Ghosts #2
Credit: Paul Pope (Dark Horse/Berger Books)

Here is Paul Pope's cover for February 2018's Hungry Ghosts #2, part of Karen Berger's new Berger Books line at Dark Horse Comics.

Pope is doing all the covers for the four-issue series.

Here is the solicitation for the issue, ahead of Dark Horse's full February 2018 solicitations coming later this month.

Hungry Ghosts #2 (of 4) 
Anthony Bourdain (W), Joel Rose (W), Mateus Santolouco (A), Leonardo Manco (A), José Villarrubia (C), and Paul Pope (Cover) 
On sale Feb 28
FC, 32 pages
The terrifying storytelling game of 100 Candles continues with two ghastly tales of the Mediterranean: In a desolate trattoria in the foothills of Southern Italy, an exiled master chef forms an unhealthy attachment to his new apprentice. And in the Spanish countryside, the rich Don of a sprawling ranch with an appetite for his stable gets a horrifying taste from beyond the dinner table.  
• Mature readers.
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