JUSTICE LEAGUE's ROTTEN TOMATOES Score Won't Be Revealed Immediately

Justice League
Credit: Warner Bros.

Rotten Tomatoes will not reveal Justice League's "Freshness Rating" until late Wednesday night, according to Variety. The score will be revealed as part of the site's new Facebook Live show See It/Skip It, which will unveil the score as part of its coverage of Justice League.

Warner Bros. owns a minority stake in Fandango, Rotten Tomatoes' parent company, though there is no apparent connection to the delay of the score reveal. The general press embargo for reviews of the film is 2:50 AM Wednesday morning. See It/Skip It will air at 12:01 AM Thursday,

Wonder Woman, Justice League's immediate DC Films predecessor, has a 92% Fresh rating on the site, while Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice, the film which established Justice League's storyline, has a 27% Fresh rating.

Justice League is due out in theaters November 17.

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