SIMONE, LEMIRE, FONTANA, More Speak Out on DC Editor BERGANZA's Harassment Allegations

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Several DC Comics creators have spoken out following new details of sexual harassment allegations by DC Group Editor Eddie Berganza. DC suspended Berganza from his position over the weekend, with plans to investigate the allegations.

Shea Fontana, writer (Twitter):

I'm appalled by what I read in the BuzzFeed article about Berganza. Being relatively new to the comic world and fairly insulated in my exposure, I was unaware & I am thankful that those brave women spoke out and are now being heard.

It is hard to process and I'm not sure how to reconcile that while my experience with DC has been overwhelmingly positive and I have felt nothing but respect from the people I've worked with there, that has not been the case for everyone.

Gail Simone, writer (Twitter):

I support and believe Liz Marsham, Joan Hilty, and Janelle Asselin.

I also want to say, I worked with all three, and they were all outstanding, passionate editors.


Jeff Lemire, writer/artist (Twitter):

I love DC Comics and their characters and love working with them. But Eddie Berganza should have been fired a long time ago. I believe and support all of the women who spoke out. But more of us should have supported them before this weekend.

Rafael Albuquerque, artist (Twitter):

I love DC Comics characters since I can remember. First watching them on TV then with Batman movies and those definitely brought me to comics, where I could find my voice, my home. Having spent almost my whole career working for this company made me feel part of a family.

That’s how important DC Comics is for me, and I believe that I can speak for many creators who have similar paths. By writing this, I might be jeopardizing my career over there, but I can’t just stay silent about what happened with our colleagues who reported sexual harassment.

They probably had the same feeling about DC, and probably felt the same way I did when they became part of the family. Suddenly their careers were harmed by someone who just didn't realized, respected or cared enough to understand that a power position is a privilege that must be used wisely and fairly.

DC Comics, you mean the world to me, but it’s time for you to make the right call, not just for your image, but also to show that there is no place for this kind of behavior in this industry and neither in our society.

I spent the whole day afraid to speak out. I shouldn't and I won't anymore. Neither any professional should be anymore.

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