'New Uniforms, New Headquarters, New Characters’ Highlight X-MEN RED

Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Marvel Comics

Marvel has released new information about the just-announced X-Men Red from writer Tom Taylor and artist Mahmud Asrar.

In X-Men Red, the newly resurrected adult Jean Grey will lead a new team of X-Men, which, according to Marvel, will hinge on "new uniforms, a new team headquarters, and exciting new characters."

“As an X-Men fan, as a Jean Grey fan, as a Mahmud Asrar fan, and as a Travis Charest fan, to be asked to write X-Men Red is a dream,” Taylor said in a statement. “The time is right for an X-Men book like this, and I'm very excited about the story we're telling in these pages. I'm excited for Jean Grey's vision for the world, and I can't wait for Marvel readers to meet our team of established fan-favorites and brand new mutants, and to see them in action. To write a core X-Men book is to walk in the footsteps of giants, so I'm hoping my secret mutant ability is sudden foot-growth.”
“Jean Grey has been one of my favorite characters ever since the 'Dark Phoenix Saga,' so I'm pretty excited to be a part of her return,” added Asrar. “The stories we plan to tell really capture the essence of the X-Men I read lovingly growing up. It’s just a delight to be working with this team. I have been working on many components of this book, including the designs of the characters old and new, and I haven't been this eager to see the response to this book in a long while.”
“Tom has captured the spirit of a quintessential X-Men book,” said series editor Mark Paniccia. “It’s got dynamic hero moments, great character interactions, and a surprise villain at the end. Mahmud is doing some of the best work of his career, going into this fully charged and designing cool new costumes for our eclectic team. I’m thrilled to have Travis on covers for this series. I’ve always thought of him as one of the industry’s best artists. It’s a real honor to have him as part of the X-Men Red crew.”
X-Men Red #1 is due out on shelves February 7.
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