Behind HI-FI FIGHT CLUB's Name Change to HEAVY VINYL

BOOM! Studios August 2017 cover
Credit: Brooke Allen (BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box)
Credit: Nina Vakueva (BOOM! Studios/BOOM! Box)

The current BOOM! Studios Hi-Fi Fight Club is changing its name this month, with its final issue now working under the Heavy Vinyl name. The planned April 2017 collection - and all future releases relating to the concept - will carry that new name, but the reason why has been unknown until now.

The name change was originally anounced earler this month in a BOOM! Studios retailer announcement, and now co-creator Carly Usdin has explained the reasoning to Newsarama.

"We decided that the name 'Heavy Vinyl' offered us more options as we began to explore opportunities beyond the comics," Usdin said.

As you can imagine, the previous name could cause some confusion with Chuck Palahniuk's Fight Club prose novel and ensuing film adaptation. These kinds of name changes are often prompted by a legal action from the original rights holder but Usdin tells Newsarama that in this instance that didn't happen.

Heavy Vinyl #4 is scheduled for release November 29, with a collected edition coming in April 2018.

As for those "opportunities beyond the comics" for Heavy Vinyl, neither BOOM! nor Usdin could comment on what those might be at this time.

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