Thor: Ragnarok
Credit: Marvel Studios
Credit: Marvel Studios

Updated January 3, 2018: Thor: Ragnarok soldiers on in theaters and in the new year has amassed a total of $848.8m, according to BoxOfficeMojo. That breaks down to $331.5m domestically and $537.3m internationally.

The Thor three-quel has already surpassed its two predecessors, but continues to inch closer to matching the previous Marvel Studios film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, which earned $863.6m over a 140-day theatrical run.

Thor: Ragnarok has been in theaters for 61 days.

Updated December 19, 2017: After seven weekends in theaters, Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok has now earned $841.9 million - breaking down to $306.4m domestically and $535.4m internationally, according to BoxOffice.

That puts the film just over $20m shy of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's $863.6m record, but Thor's North American screen count was reduced drastically this week - dropping from a reported 3,047 screeens to 1,895. An international numberis not known.

Updated December 11, 2017: Six weeks into its theatrical release and Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok continues to deliver with a new worldwide total of $833.1m after the weekend according to BoxOffice. The film sustains itself as #5 in the North American box office with $6.29m over the weekend (and an additional $3m internationally).

Those figures put it ahead of both Warner Bros.'s Wonder Woman ($821.8m) and 20th Century Fox's Deadpool ($783.1m). Compared to other Marvel Studios films, Thor: Ragnarok is the seventh-highest grossing Marvel film of all time - with a chance it could eventually eclipse Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2's $863.6m and Spider-Man: Homecoming's $880.2m.

The Thor three-quel remains playing on 3,047 screens in North America.

Updated November 9, 2017: Thor: Ragnarok continues to perform well at the box office, with a $502.3m worldwide take as of Thursday morning, according to Deadline.

The top regional markets for the Thor three-quel are North America ($147.9m), China ($69.8m), United Kingdom ($29.4m), Korea ($27.1m), Brazil ($20.8), and Australia ($17.4m).

Original Story: The movie ticket sales for the weekend are in, and Marvel Studios' Thor: Ragnarok has come away with $431m from the global box office according to Deadline. This near half-billion box office puts it 9% ahead of this summer's Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and a full 29% ahead of 2016's Doctor Strange for this same point in theatrical release.

While the film opened in late October in many places around the world, the Thor three-quel earned $122.7m in its North American opening weekend. Compared to other movies domestic opening weekends, Ragnarok's $122.7m is the 28th highest to date - miles ahead of Thor ($65.7m) and Thor: The Dark World ($85.7m). Its the eighth-highest domestic opening weekend for a Marvel Studios film.

Internationally, Ragnarok's top markets so far are China ($56.3m), the United Kingdom ($27.2m), Korea ($25.8m), Brazil ($19.3m), and Australia ($15.5m).


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