The Magic Order #1
Credit: Olivier Coipel (Netflix/Millarworld)
Credit: Olivier Coipel (Netflix/Millarworld)

The first title out of the now-Netflix-owned Millarworld imprint will be The Magic Order by Mark Millar and Olivier Coipel. While the two worked briefly together on 2011's Superior World Record Special #1, The Magic Order is scheduled to run six issues beginning in spring 2018.

"So my idea with The Magic Order was to take something that’s essentially about a secret order of good wizards who got rid of all the bad things hundreds of years ago, but live quietly among us now with blue-collar jobs and ordinary domestic lives," Millar told Entertainment Weekly. "They have this secret life, but to the outside world it’s all very normal and it makes the idea look more like The Sopranos than Lord of the Rings."

"It’s all about accessibility, and the big idea here is that these are the guys who keep the world as rational and normal as it feels to us now," Millar continued. "These guys are out there cracking heads in the shadows so we can all sleep safely in our beds at night. That’s the deal and the ancient promise they made to mankind: five families across the world who take care of things whenever they’re needed. It’s R-rated adult fantasy. Something for the kids who grew up 10 or 20 years ago loving all-ages fantasy in cinema, but now wanting something a little tastier."

While recent Millarworld titles have been published as an imprint under Image Comics, EW descibe The Magic Order as being published "under the Netflix banner" in print and digital.

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