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Thor: Ragnarok took time to address the disparity between the Inifnity Gauntlet's first MCU appearance as an Easter egg in 2011's Thor and the current status of the Infinity Stones in the films. And now, with Ragnarok out in theaters, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige is shedding some light on what led to the changes.

Spoilers ahead for Thor: Ragnarok.

In Ragnarok, Hela enters Odin's treasure chamber, and on seeing the Infinity Gauntlet, immediately knocks it over and denounces it as a fake.

"Going all the way back to Phase One, where Infinity War was a barely a glint in our eye, we were working on Avengers and trying to get just put that all together for the conclusion of Phase One. And it’s in one shot. It’s in one shot in the background," Feige told SlashFilm. "And also, it was on display, I think at Comic-Con. In the Marvel booth. And pretty quickly after that, within a couple years, we were like, 'well that’s clearly not the Gauntlet. The Gauntlet can’t be in there.' And we had an internal Marvel theory that it was fake. That Odin who you’ve seen in the other films and who’s a… I guess a good father. He’s kind of an okay father. Kind of fosters the rivalry."

"As we learn in this movie, he vanished his firstborn daughter because he sort of got what he needed, he got to the top of the Nine Realms and it was like oh, this is much too violent. And Hela says, glad to have it, ashamed of how we got it. And we see that mural in the movie of [how] it was not a pleasant history of how Asgard got all that gold," Feige continued. "So Odin has a history of doing what he wants to do to maintain power. And going back, I mean, now it’s probably five years ago we started again just in our internal creative group saying, 'Well, it’s fake.' Because if the Asgardians knew that there was something that had that kind of power, that could theoretically wipe out Asgard and whatever else with a, in the comics, a literal snap of the fingers, they might question Odin’s ability to protect them. So Odin put a fake and he goes, it’s fine, I got it. Look, it’s fine, it’s in our vault, don’t worry about it. And it’s not until Hela goes down there."

"It was fun being back in that vault, by the way, for the first time since Thor 1," he concluded. "It was just the opportunity to call it a fake. So for people like yourself, and like all of us at Marvel Studios who were paying attention, that answers that question. And for people who have no idea that an out-of-focus Infinity Gauntlet appeared in the back of Thor 1, it just showcases her knowledge and her sort of disgust with the way Odin had handled things on her way to the true power that is below the surface.

The Infinity Gauntlet and the Infinity Stones are expected to play a major role in Avengers: Infinity War, which is due out in theaters May 4, 2018.

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