Police Raid LIBYA COMIC CON, Arrest 20+ Over 'Morals & Modesty' - Report

Libya Comic Con
Credit: Libya Comic Con

Libyan military police raided the annual Libya Comic Con this past weekend and arrested over 20 individuals, according to Libya Herald. The second annual event took place at the Dat Al-Imad Conference Center in Tripoli, the nation's capital.

‘‘It was around 5:45 that they came," an unnamed employee of the convention said. "They arrested over 20 people. Organizers, participants and visitors. Anyone who was wearing a badge, including visitors, were arrested - thinking they were organizers because they wore a badge. I don’t have exact numbers. We are still checking. They released some people last night."

The police were part of Libya's RADA Special Deterrence Forces, which said they became aware of the convention via social media according to BBC, and raided the event because it violated the country's "morals and modesty."

"Some of those who were released had received a beating, had had their head shaved bald and were given a religious lecture," the staffer continued. "They were told that Libya was a Muslim country, not a free/liberal country."

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