CAPULLO Ask Fans What DC Project He & SNYDER Should Do After DARK NIGHTS: METAL

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Credit: DC Comics

Dark Nights: Metal is still underway, but artist Greg Capullo is already thinking about what he and writer Scott Snyder should do next - and he wants fan input. Capullo ran a poll over the weekend, allowing fans to vote for one of two options: Wonder Woman or Swamp Thing.

When asked why he limited it to just those two, Capullo said those are the only two DC characters he is interested enough to work on.

Capullo has openly discussed his interest in Swamp Thing in the past, and Snyder wrote a Swamp Thing title for over a year during "New 52."

Back at C2E2 2016, Snyder professed interest in writing a Wonder Woman title and had a "whole mythology" in mind already.

"I have a whole mythology for Wonder Woman in my head. If Bruce takes the earthly threats, and Clark takes the cosmic threats, then Wonder Woman takes everything that comes from the mythological,” Snyder said. “Wonder Woman is someone who walks the line between god and man…she makes us feel worthy of the gods’ love, but Ares is the one who says ‘No’ and that mankind is built for war.”

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