IDW Imprint In Financial Straits, Seeks Outside Funding

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Credit: Sam Glanzman (IDW Publishing/It's Alive Press)

Drew Ford has announced that It's Alive, his company which was launched in 2016 as an imprint of IDW Publishing, lost an undisclosed money in a financial transaction with a foreign printing company and is considering closure. Ford, who previously ran Dover Publications' comic book line, is now seeking $5,000 in funds via GoFundMe in order to stay afloat.

"A few months ago, I sent several international wire transfers to a printer outside the USA," Ford explained. "Initially, they told me everything was fine. But recently, they told me they never received any money. Obviously, I was in shock! I immediately contacted my bank, who confirmed that the funds were sent and received months ago. After taking a closer look, my bank believes the printer has nothing to do with this, and that it is their bank who "lost" my money. I would replace the word 'lost' with 'stolen', but that's me."

Ford has not diclosed the specific printer, bank, or project this is in relation to, nor the specific amount of funds that were lost (although said to be in excess of $5,000).

"Sadly, without recouping at least a portion of these 'lost' funds, I don't know if I can keep my business afloat," said Ford. "I have several freelancers who need to be paid for current and upcoming projects, and of course the biggest bill will be the cost to print my books."

Although launched in July 2016 as an imprint of IDW, It's Alive organizes, edits, prints, and promotes it's projects on its own - in a previous IDW press release, the company stated it would "solicit and distribute the titles produced by his new imprint, making those collections much more accessible to a larger audience."

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