Grace Choi
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: El Rey

Chantal Thuy has been cast as Grace Choi for the CW's Black Lightning, according to Variety. Thuy's role is described a recurring, but no details have been given on which episode she is anticipated to debut in.

The Choi character is described as "a bartender who becomes the love interest of Anissa Pierce (Nafessa Williams). Grace is a comic book fan who befriends Anissa while she is coming to terms with her abilities and becomes Anissa’s first confidant about the struggles and challenges of having abilities."

Grace Choi debuted in comics in Judd Winick and Tom Raney's early 2000s Outsiders run, and was later revealed to be descended from the Bana Amazons.

Black Lightning is anticipated to debut in early 2018 debut on the CW.

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