CAPTAIN CANUCK Publisher Drops All Superhero Titles to $1.99, TPBs to $9.99

Chapterhouse Comics January 2018 cover
Credit: Chapterhouse Comics
Credit: Chapterhouse Comics

Comic books such as Captain Canuck and Northguard will soon be cheaper to buy - both in trades and in single issues - as Chapterhouse Publishing has announced a new pricing structure for its products.

Beginning in January 2018, all of the company's superhero titles - known collectively as the Chapterverse - will be $1.99 for single issues and $9.99 for trade paperback collections.

“All comic fans are faced with a choice every Wednesday on how best to spend their hard-earned money,” said Keith WTS Morris, Chapterhouse's Publisher. “We want to make giving our Chapterverse books a try an easy choice to make. Chapterhouse is determined not to let price point be a barrier into our world of comics.”

Credit: Chapterhouse Comics

According to CEO/Founder Fadi Hakim, part of this new pricing structure also comes from the fact that as they've expanded, their cost for printing has decreased.

"We've become big enough to receive a sizeable savings from our printer, and in turn, we're passing on that savings to our retailers and readers," said Hakim. "You can now get our entire universe for between four to six dollars a month!”

The first $1.99 titles will be January's Freelance and Fantomah, followed later in the year by Captain Canuck, Northguard, Pitiful Human Lizard, Fallen Suns, and two new unannounced titles. The publisher is doing new printings of various Chapterverse collections beginning in January at $9.99, followed by new collections as well.

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