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Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Stephanie Beatriz

Brooklyn Nine Nine actor Stephanie Beatriz took her campaign to play America Chavez in live action to the next level, dressing up as the character for Halloween and, in Marvel's words, "nailing it."

Beatriz tweeted an image of herself in costume as America, garnering a host of reactions from fans and pros alike - even getting a response from the official Marvel twitter account.

"I designed America, and you nailed it! Good job!" said Jamie McKelvie, who designed the look Beatriz was emulating in his run on Young Avengers

Joe Quinones, who draws America, the character's current ongoing series with writer Gabby Rivera, echoed McKelvie's sentiments, saying "OMG, you're amazing!"

Marvel's official Twitter account added "She's beauty, she's grace... #nailedit."

Beatriz began professing her love for the character back in May, saying she wanted to protray the character in a film written by Rivera, the character's current writer, who offered her support for the idea at the time.

No plans for America Chavez to appear in any Marvel live action media have been announced.

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