A Classic MARVEL Foe Returns in U.S.AVENGERS #11 - SPOILERS

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This week’s U.S.Avengers #11 from writer Al Ewing and artist Paco Diaz marked the beginning of the end for the title (at least for now) as the stage begins being set for Avengers' "No Surrender.” But before that happens, Roberto Da Costa and his team will have to rescue Cannonball from Glenbrook U.S.A, a so-called typical American town on a far off alien world with a secret as dark as its four-color veneer.

Spoilers ahead for U.S.Avengers #11

Credit: Marvel Comics

After being taken to Glenbrook U.S.A. - which is identified as being somewhere near the Andromeda system - Cannonball and his mysterious guide, Howard Mason, meet Ritchie Redwood, Glenbrook’s “typical teenager.” However, it quickly becomes clear that Redwood - who Mason calls “Your majesty” and who seems preoccupied with maintaining the illusion of Glenbrook - is anything but typical.

As the rest of the team searches for Cannonball, using his partner Smasher’s tracking device, they run afoul of space pirates - who look and sound like 30s gangsters. The space pirates reveal that Glenbrook is actually Kral X, a planet in the Skrull empire with a connection to Kral IV, a Skrull homeworld that first appeared in 1969’s Fantastic Four #91. Society on Kral IV mimicked 1930s America - right down to a group that masqueraded as stereotypical gangsters.

Credit: Marvel Comics

Back on Glenbrook/Kral X, Ritchie explains to Cannonball that he’ll be the new Geography teacher on Kral X - for the rest of his life. As the cracks in Redwood’s illusion start to appear, Cannonball takes off to escape. One of Ritchie’s friends/thralls turns into an X-Men-based Super Skrull and captures him. Cannonball awakens in a dungeon surrounded by other Glenbrook teenagers - including Ritchie Redwood’s former best friend Bugface Brown who, unlike everyone else, has reverted to his Skrull form.

U.S.Avengers #12 is due out on shelves November 29.

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