WEEKLY WEBBING with WACKER: Fan Questions!

It's time for another conversation with Spider-Man editor Steve Wacker, only this time around, we let the fans ask the questions.

We'll return in one week with our regularly scheduled programming for the next round of the Weekly Webbing, but for now, let's turn things over to Newsarama readers...

cameronbrown76 wrote:

Are there plans for more Amazing Spider-man Extra! issues? I've really enjoyed the way those fleshed out the stories in the main book.

Wacker: No more Extras planned for right now as we’ve started of the new Web of Spider-Man ongoing series as a home for stories exploring Spidey’s world a bit more.

kjc007 wrote:

I know he just did issue #600 but I was wondering when John Romita Junior would be back on art duty?

Wacker: Johnny, along with Klaus and Dean, have drawn over 160 Spidey pages this year and here you are wanting more?!?! You’re like a 1930s comic book editor the way you push these guys. Shameless.

Anyway, ya slavedriver, big Johnny news on the horizon.

AnalSurprise wrote:

I'm surprised no one has made a "WEEKLY WACKING WITH WEBBER" joke yet.

Wacker: Awesome! It had literally been minutes since someone made fun of my last name. Now shouldn’t you get back to homeroom? There must be a chubby stuttering kid in there you can go after.

True story: One of my good friends in high school was named Jeff Tally. Lucky for me he was huge and on the football team.

insomniac_zac wrote:

Wheres my Black Cat/ Black Widow team-up MAX book?

Wacker: Trapped in the 13-year old section of your brain right behind Phoebe Cates, a Sega Genesis and your old Dokken  and WhiteSnake CD’s.

I know in other parts of the Marvel U, there are Black Widow plans and we’ll have more Black Cat too starting with a backup story in ASM #612 (the first issue of the Gauntlet).

countjerkula wrote:

Can Wacker do a straight interview and not try to be such a "funny" interview. His stupid jokes and lame attitude reflect the "trying too hard" feel that infects Spider-Man lately.

Wacker: You’re right, “countjerkula,” there’s little time for this nonsense! Especially on a site dedicated to comic books and explode-y movies.

I think you should definitely go grab CrankensteinThe Kvetcher from 20,000 FathomsThe Bitcher from the Black Lagoon and Godzilleverythingsux, and find an interview where they RESPECT THE READERS!! Slap in the face, it is!!

dorknerdgeek wrote:

So, we got a short graphic novel (in ASM #600) about Doc Ock, but I already want to know when he'll be back.  Also, I want you to tell me that Rhino is coming up soon. Even if it's a lie.  Finally, you and the boys are doing a great job on the book.  Keep it up and you'll have my cash for it until Joey Q finally gets around to all of those hand-written and personally-scented apologies for One More Day.

Wacker: I can tell you that Rhino is coming up soon. As you guess, though, that may be a lie,

I could also tell you that it’ll be be a double-sized issue by Joe Kelly and Max Fiumara, but take all of that with a grain of salt. Nothing is real. Trust no one. Won’t you try the Lovely Biscuits?

JETLASH wrote:

Wow, two pages of posts. Maybe it is time to drop Weekly Webbing with Wacker and make it a monthly instead?

Vaneta, I agree with JETLASH.  This is hard to tell you…but….I want to see other message boards.

Flip416 wrote:

Does anyone know where that 'Peter Parker as a Met player' art it from?  

Wacker: That was from ASM #605 in a story by Brian Reed Yanick Paquette, Mark Farmer and Nathan Fairbarn.

As a Cardinals fan, the Mets are anathema to me, but this was my penance for putting Pete in a Yankees jacket last year.

BlackLesbianJewishWoman wrote:

How long do you guys plan on continuing the thrice-a-month shipping schedule (just teh production aspect, regardless of the BND saga continuing or not)?  Is there a definite return point to monthly planned or are you guys playing it by ear based on sales?

Wacker: Dear woman of my dreams,

No concrete plans for ending the thrice monthly. (In fact for a couple days early in the year we almost went to a weekly format, but cooler heads prevailed.)

Fact is, we’re pretty happy with the schedule right now. From a story standpoint, it’s fun to just keep getting the next chapter almost immediately. And from a business standpoint, it’s a real benefit to be able to count on the consistent sales every week, no matter what else might get bumped or moved. Particularly in the economy of the past few months, being able to count on a book having a certain number of sales every week is rare.

poleshift2012 wrote:

first wanted to state i been reading spiderman for like 27 years lol i like some things about recent spiderman comics and some other things not so much...... i'll sum it up real quick lol. i prefer a single peter, i like the that harry is back, hate j.j.j. as mayor and the recent aunt may marriage. i am really digging some of the storylines like american son and character assasination was quite good .....im really looking forward to web of spiderman always had a soft spot for that satellite but anyway time for some questions as you asked......

1. at one point i think i heard something about a sinister 666? if so elaborate in your usually overly jocullar manor.

Wacker: CLOWNS! FIRE TRUCKS! BOOZE! (I tried for jocularity. Sorry, just not in the mood.)

Sinister 666 is still secret — and in retrospect, I may have shot my mouth off about it too early — but it will be a direct result of the events of the Gauntlet. So hang on…it’s coming.

2. can you give me a more specific example of you altering a storyline in some fashion? {post one more day lol} obviously at times perhaps not often im sure the "braintrust" have differing visions.

Wacker: I can think of one off the top of my head.  Originally last year’s “Kraven’s First Hunt” didn’t have the new Kraven in it. It was going to be a story introducing a “White Venom” and play more off the interplanetary origins of the symbiote. But at some point, Guggenheim and Jimenez refashioned things quite a bit and keyed in on this young Kraven character. It also gave Marc an opportunity to explore the danger Pete’s secret identity exposes other people too.

There have been others, but that one is the one I recall at the moment. Good question.

3. when is JR. JR. coming back?

Wacker:See above. News soon.

4. MJ knows that pete is spidey and that they almost got married obviously but does she know that they were once indeed married? at first it seemed like peter was not aware of a change to continuity of events, but then i believe it was the quite good character assasination that kinda made it out like he was indeed aware of a continuity change....but im kinda more interested in what exactlly MJ is aware of at this point. i mean does she know that she was pregnant if not bore peters kid?  i think it would be kinda cool if it was peter who didnt know there was a change {like the start of BND} and mj was the one aware of a continuity change... anyways any hints?

Wacker: MJ knows that Pete is Spidey. The details beyond that are for the stories to tell. You raise some good questions though.

itstartedin241 wrote:

Dear Mr. Whacker,

What happend to Bob Gale?  It's been over a year since he wrote a full issue of spider-man.  He's probably the best spider-man writer out there.

Wacker: Bob not only has his Hollywood career, but he’s been hard at work on an all-new Spidey digital comic debuting this fall on MARVEL.COM. He’s till on board though, reading every script and sharing any notes. He might be the book’s harshest critic, so I’m thrilled when he reads something he likes.

Cloudedpage wrote:

Hi Steve,

Over 12 months in and I know you're still getting backlash for the whole OMD/BND debacle. and after a lot of thought into it, this is what I've come up with:

In many ways, Peter Parker was the 'everyman' of the Marvel universe. We all associated with him in one way or another. Sure having him married to a supermodel was unrealistic, but then again, the guy sticks to walls and swings around on webs... we're clearly not after uber realism here!

But pro marriage/anti marriage aside, the problem I see is the lack of ability to relate to him with the gap unexplained. Instead of seeing Peter as this guy we've grown up with (be it in the 70s, 80s or 90s), he's become an enigma, a person who we can't relate to purely because we haven't shared what he's been through. My first question is: I know there is a plan to unveil the gritty details of what went on, but can you give us an indication of when it will be complete?

Wacker: First, I’ll say again that the fact that fans continue to criticize and complain about such a game-changing story came as a surprise to no one.  Everyone knew this was going to alienate a certain group of readers. I started here at Marvel in October 2006 and it was clear this had already been in development for awhile and in every e-mail chain came the caveat – usually from Brevoort – that the new creators were going to be dealing with this backlash for years. But that kind of stuff can’t keep you from doing what is best for the character’s long term health. Making these tough decisions is part of the job, though, and it might make you a target of FANger. That’s been the case probably since Fantastic Four #2.

I think a certain segment of critics has to do away with this idea that a creator or editor who disagrees with them is an idiot or an enemy. Assuming everyone you disagree with is brain dead might make you feel better, but it’s a bit naïve to think the people in charge of Spidey at Marvel didn’t give this move a mountain of thought.

I certainly understand why some fans hate the move which is why we tried to make as few actual changes as possible in Spidey history. We’re all well aware that we’re caretakers and we’re only renting these chairs.

Cloudedpage continued:

Just as an aside (as if I hadn't ranted enough), while OMD changed the status quo, so did Civil War, Spidey Unmasked and Back in Black. Love or hate JMS on Amazing, there were a number of different set ups that created very interesting story telling potential. Was it always the plan to move through them on the way to BND, or were any of these cut short for some reason? I only ask because I thoroughly enjoyed them, and would have loved to see them play out some more.

Wacker: To be clear, no one on the book was here at the time the changes were made. By the time we started on the book, the decisions had been made to do One More Day (and that’s not to suggest we would have disagreed with the decision), so we were being handed a single Spidey out of the gate.

Brevoort tells me, though, that indeed, OMD was already being worked on when the unmasking happened, so it was the plan all along.

Cloudedpage continued:

I may not be the biggest fan of the current direction of the book, but you have my respect as an industry professional, and my thanks for taking the time to answer reader questions (even if it's not this one in the end!)

Wacker: Cloudpage, you should try and befriend ‘countjerkula”.

See ya next week,


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