Actor Lands Live-Action TITANS Role, Just Not The One He Campaigned For

Beast Boy by Justaniano
Credit: DC Comics
Ryan Potter in 'Supah Ninjas'
Ryan Potter in 'Supah Ninjas'
Credit: Nickelodeon

Big Hero 6's Ryan Potter has been cast as Beast Boy (a.k.a. Garfield "Gar" Logan) in Warner Bros.'s live-action Titans series.

"Teen Titans fans are greatly familiar with Beast Boy, but for those who aren’t, Garfield 'Gar' Logan contracted the lethal disease, Sakutia, as a child while on an African expedition with his geneticist parents," reads DC's description of Beast Boy in the show. "Treated with an experimental drug, Gar survived but not without developing some bizarre side effects. Along with skin and hair turning permanently green, the wisecracking, fun-loving Beast Boy is able to reshape himself into any animal of any size he can imagine."

Potter had previously petitioned on social media to play Tim Drake; that role has not been mentioned for the show, but Brenton Thwaites has been cast as Dick Grayson.

The Titans show is scheduled to air in 2018 as the flagship program in a DC-branded digital service.

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