Mike Henderson/Lee Loughridge/Joe Sabino (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Mike Henderson/Lee Loughridge/Joe Sabino (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Declan Shalvey/Jordie Bellaire (Marvel Comics)

This week Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan #1 is on shelves, but creators Declan Shalvey and Mike Henderson are on the same side.

The artist-turned-writer and the artist came together to pit Wade Wilson against the one-time Wolverine with the life of newly-minted Omega-level mutant in their charge. It's Lone Wolf & Cub with a heaping helping of Deadpool, all the while being chased by a shadowy group of militants who want to weaponize mutants.

Last week Newsarama spoke with Shalvey about writing Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan, and now we turn to Nailbiter alum Mike Henderson on how he was recruited for the project, what it's like drawing these two heroes, and working with someone who's been in their shoes as an artist but who now delivers scripts as a writer.

Newsarama: Mike, how'd you come to be involved with Deadpool vs. Old Man Logan?

Mike Henderson: Dec reached out about the idea when it was still being outlined and I was on the home stretch of Nailbiter. I got a long overdue break after finishing Nailbiter #30 while Declan ran the pitch up the ladder and it lined up perfectly for everyone.

Credit: Mike Henderson/Lee Loughridge/Joe Sabino (Marvel Comics)

Nrama: Is there something in particular about this project that drew you to it, be it the characters, Declan, or just a good opportunity?

Henderson: Logan in any incarnation is a huge draw, absolutely. He's on most artists' bucket lists and it's been every bit as fun as I could hope. But beyond that everyone I knew was going to be involved, from editors Heather Antos and Jordan White to when I knew Lee Loughridge was going to be on board for colors made it a pretty easy choice for my next book.

Nrama: With Wolverine being such a draw, how is it for you to be drawing him not in his typical costume but as a grizzled old man? 

Credit: Mike Henderson/Lee Loughridge/Joe Sabino (Marvel Comics)

Henderson: [Laughs] Good point! I'd be lying if I said not drawing the brown and gold suit didn't hurt, but I just imagined he was out of costume for this story and that seemed to take some the sting out of it. Hopefully I'll get another crack at him one day.

Nrama: For this you have a new omega-level mutant named Maddie. Did you get to design her? If so, can you talk about that?

Henderson: I did get to design her! And it was more or less on the page which is unusual for me. But we had some back and forth about where she would go over the course of the miniseries and Declan was pretty descriptive so there wasn't a ton of room for me to screw it up, either.

Nrama: Have you had any surprises so far in drawing this book?

Credit: Mike Henderson/Lee Loughridge/Joe Sabino (Marvel Comics)

Henderson: Deadpool! I'll be honest, I never connected all that much with him as a character before I started drawing him but I latched onto his sarcasm right away. I'll take any opportunity to draw a good sight gag and Deadpool is just an inexhaustible supply.

Nrama: You're working from scripts by Declan Shalvey. Is there any difference in working with an artist-turned-writer than someone just known as a writer, in general or specific in this case?

Credit: Mike Henderson/Lee Loughridge/Joe Sabino (Marvel Comics)

Henderson: Probably the major difference is that an artist-turned-writer might more instinctively know what another artist might get a kick out of drawing and actively gear things towards that, but the more experienced a writer is the less often that's an issue at all. In this case it's slightly harder for me to tell. Dec is the first artist-turned-writer I've done any extensive work with but our storytelling sensibilities are so similar that there was hardly any guesswork. We haven't disagreed on a storytelling choice yet (knock on wood, one issue to go!) so I'll take that as a good sign!

Nrama: Issue #1 is on stands now. What are your big goals with this series?

Henderson: My overriding goal was to take on a new, arguably bigger kind of challenge on something as different from Nailbiter as possible. I had done a few capes and tights stories but after four years drawing murder mysteries this was a great chance for a whole different crowd to see my work and having to up my game for that is why I get out of bed in the morning.

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