Warner Bros.'s WONDER WOMAN & LEGO BATMAN Movie Begin Oscar Campaigns

"Wonder Woman" set photo
Credit: Warner Bros.
Credit: Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has formally begun campaigning for its 2017 films Wonder Woman and The Lego Batman Movie to be nominated for Academy Awards. The DC-based films is two of four films (joining Blade Runner 2049 and Dunkirk) highlighted by the studio in a newly-unveiled "For Your Consideration" website.

Wonder Woman is being pushed in 15 seperate categories, ranging from "Best Picture" to "Best Director," "Best Adapted Screenplay," "Best Actress," "Best Supporting Actress," "Best Supporting Actor," "Best Cinematography," "Best Production Design," "Best Film Editing," "Best Costume Design," "Best Visual Effects," "Best Sound Mixing," "Best Sound Editing," "Best Makeup and Hairstyling," and "Best Original Score."

The Lego Batman Movie has formally been entered into 10 categories: "Best Animated Feature Film," "Best Director," "Best Original Screenplay," "Best Cinematography," "Best Production Design," "Best Film Editing," "Best Sound Editing," "Best Original Score," and "Best Original Song." No acting awards are specifically highlighted in Warner Bros.'s campaign due to no specific Oscar category for voice actors for animation nor any of those actors ever earning a nomination; however, it lists "The Actors" as Will Arnett, Zach Galifianakis, Michael Cera, Rosario Dawson, and Ralph Fiennes.

In addition to the website and an ad campaign, the studio is hosting screenings of the films for Academy members.

The Academy Award nominations are scheduled to be announced January 23, 2018, with the awards ceremony following on March 4.

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