Billy Tan Reveals 2010 Marvel Event @ Mini-MegaCon

Mini-MegaCon: Tan Reveals 2010 Event

Sunday’s turn-out, while a little less than Saturday, certainly packed the floor.  Once again fans were lined up to get sketches, autographs, and find out whatever they could from the creators about their favorite titles.  Once again, Newsarama was there to catch some scoops.

The Hero Initiative was more than happy to take part in the first Mini-MegaCon.  For those who don’t know, Hero Initiative is the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation dedicated strictly to helping comic book creators in need. The Initiative creates a financial safety net for creators of the golden and silver age who need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work.  This weekend, they had a number of exclusive books for sale, the proceeds from which help to fund the Initiative.  In addition, they were pleased to have some great creators donate some time at the booth, including Jimmy Palmiotti, John Beatty, Jeff Parker, Casey Jones, and a surprise guest appearance by George Perez, who was at the Con to support his wife, who is a bellydancer.  A number of fans were able to obtain autographs and sketches, and Hero Initiative gained donations to help support their cause.

Out on the floor, Greg Land was kept busy with sketch after sketch for fans, but took a moment to talk about his work with Marvel.  Still exclusive, he is currently working on Uncanny X-Men.  Once that arc is finished, he’s not sure what’s on the agenda next.

Billy Tan had his own contingent of fans seeking sketches and autographs.  Tan, who admitted he hadn’t been to MegaCon for nearly 10 years, was pleased to be back.  He told Newsarama that he just finished up his work on Dark Reign – The List: Daredevil for Marvel, which comes out in September.  Next on his agenda is a three-issue story for Thor with new writer, Kieron Gillen, and he was quick to point out it was simply a “fill-in” job, as there was no way he could take over for Olivier Copiel, who he feels has been doing a stupendous job on the book.  After that, he will be working on an event called “The Shadowland,” which Tan said will involve the street-level characters in the Marvel Universe.  That event is scheduled for 2010.

Tan still has two more years at Marvel, and he said he’s very happy working for them and will stay with them as long as they’ll have him and keep giving him work.

Next up was Steve Scott, who is working on X-Men Forever with Chris Claremont.  While he is not exclusive for Marvel, he is doing other bits here and there for Marvel, as well as working on another project that he can’t talk about with a company out in California.  Scott said he is really “jazzed” about that project, which he works on in-between his other jobs as he his schedule fits.  Scott said he was having a blast at Mini-MegaCon.  “It may be hot on the outside, but it’s certainly cool inside,” he said with a grin.  For Scott, MegaCon, like any convention, is a family reunion for him – it’s an opportunity for him to hang out with his peers that he never gets to see, except at shows, since the rest of the time they are all huddled up in their own little studios pounding out work all the time and never get to see each other.  It’s also an opportunity to make new friends in the fans, and that he said he has done in spades this weekend.

Newsarama briefly caught up with Phil Noto, who just finished up the X-Men Origins:  Iceman book for Marvel, which should be out in November. He is now  working on the 38-page special, Batman/Doc Savage crossover.  He talked more about the book in the DC Panel, but did say that it would lead into a six-issue mini-series with the DC pulp heroes to be drawn by Rags Morales.  Noto said that is keeping him busy right now, and for what’s to come, fans will have to wait and see.

Rounding out the creators today on the floor was Mike Perkins, who is a regular at MegaCon and said he has been pleased to meet a number of new fans at the show.  He is still working hard on The Stand for Marvel.  He just started “Soul Survivors,” which is the third five-issue mini-series for The Stand.  Perkins sounded somewhat relieved when he said that once he finishes this mini-series, they will have reached the half-way point with the book.  With three more five-issue mini-series after “Soul Survivors,” Perkins has another two years of work ahead of him.

Before the show closed, Newsarama had the opportunity talk with some of the cast from The Hillywood Show, who has put out a Twilight Parody that seems to be taking the circuit by storm.  Created by Hillary and Hannah Hindi, The Hillywood Show has had a parody webshow involving Jack Sparrow and the Delorean from Back to the Future running for nearly three years on YouTube, with about 50,000 viewers.  At the request of numerous fans, they created a parody of Twilight, and suddenly their viewers grew exponentially, to where they currently have over 2 million fans.  Hillary and Hannah also star in the parodies, and two of their fellow cast members, Drew Lorentz and Kyle Dayton, were also in attendance.  They had a packed panel, at which they showed not only their Twilight Parody, but also their well-crafted Dark Knight Parody.  With New Moon, the next Twilight movie, coming out soon, the group already has a parody in the works.  They have been shocked at their sudden success, as they have found themselves doing the conventions and being mistaken time and again for the actual stars of the film.  They are even more shocked to find people from Australia, England, Germany, and all around the world coming up to them at conventions, having seen their parodies overseas. They were certainly popular at Mini-MegaCon, particularly with Peter Facinelli and Michael Welch canceling their appearance at the show.  Links to their parodies are easily found at their website,

And the first ever Mini-MegaCon came to a close, and fans are already asking if there will be a second show next August.  With the great turn out for this first show, odds are certainly good that a Mini-MegaCon may become an annual event!

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