Word Balloon: PAUL CORNELL talks X-Men, Black Widow, & more

X-MAN Is Back: Cornell & Kirk on DARK X

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On this edition of the Word Balloon Podcast, writer Paul Cornell joins us from the UK to discuss this week's Dark X-Men #3, which focuses on the strange relationship between Emma Frost and Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner . Cornell also teases us with a few details about his upcoming Dark X-Men mini-series as the new team faces the return of Nate Grey , X-Man.

You'll hear plenty of Cornell's views on the character dynamics between the Dark X-Men and the members of the Young Avengers, whose maturation has thrived under Paul's time writing the team.

We also talked about the upcoming mini series tying together and filling in details of The Black Widow's twisted past. Cornell promises to sort out her complicated history and various relationships with Marvel charcters through the decades, from Tony Stark to Matt Murdock, and Clint Barton, to her earlier days with Bucky Barnes and her Russian companion Ivan.

Cornell also discusses his television work on Doctor Who, Robin Hood, Primeval and creating the character Bernice Summerfield. Summerfield has become a hugely popular non-tv series companion in Doctor Who novels, to the extent of becoming the star of her own novel series and several audio adventures.

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