New Anthology Aims To Raise Awareness For Social & Environmental Issues

4th Monkey

Press Release

The 4th Monkey: An Anthology for Awareness
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100 pages. 20+ creators. 8 stories about environmental and social issues.

The 4th Monkey is a comic book anthology featuring stories to raise awareness about environmental and social issues. Each creative team will be bringing to life a story about something that is near and dear to their hearts. The book will feature 8 short stories revolving around the following topics: Ocean Pollution. Alcoholism. Poaching. Suicide. Political Polarization. Abuse. Pesticides. Online Bullying.

Playing on the 3 Mystic Monkeys proverb, “See No Evil - Hear No Evil - Speak No Evil”, The 4th Monkey is one who is not blinded. It is aware and struggles to maintain its sanity as it reasons with a world that will not take notice. The overall goal of the Kickstarter is to raise the funds to put out a quality, entertaining book, that also hits on some serious subjects. Some aren’t really talked about enough, others may even be too heavy to talk about, but the creators involved who are close to these topics are ready to tell some amazing stories. And don’t worry, the stories have a great mix of drama, action, adventure, and comedy, so it will not be a dreary tear-jerker.

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