20 Answers & 1 Question With DAN DIDIO

It's time for another round of 20 Answers and 1 Question with DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio, and wow, did the readers have a lot to ask about this time around.

We had 36 pages of questions to peruse for this week's round, and a lot of them were really good questions. It was almost heartbreaking to be limited to 20. But while there's no way we could ask them all, we're hoping the 20 that made it through this week will answer more than one poster's question. And there's always next time, which should be two weeks from now, for you to come back and try again.

And this time, in an effort to make sure we answer questions that came straight from Newsarama readers, we started pulling your specific wording, reading what you had to say to Dan and letting him react accordingly.

As always, thanks for your participation, and with this week's question in particular, we hope you'll post an answer to Dan's inquiry at the end of this article.

Now, on to the Q & A -

1. Sorano asked:

Have plans been made on how the current back-up features in monthly issues will be collected in trade or hardcover format? I'm a big fan of the Legion, the Question and Blue Beetle and I'm wondering when I'll be able to get a hand on these wonderful new stories.

Dan DiDio: We get a lot of questions about collected edition, and that's OK. But that's a separate department, because we're doing the original material in periodical form.

But that being said, we have been very intimately involved in a number of discussions revolving around Wednesday Comics and the second features.

We will be collecting the second features separately, in most places. I think there will probably be, in regards to Green Arrow and Black Canary, they'll be collected together because of how closely they tie together. But with some of the other books, like Blue Beetle and Manhunter and such, they'll be collected independently. And then, on the rare occasion where the second feature might crossover with the lead feature, then that story will probably fall within both collections. At least that's the discussion we're having right now.

2. Sorano also asked:

Will Wednesday Comics also be collected in trade/hardcover format at the end of the 12 weeks?

Dan DiDio: We're much closer to the actual plan for Wednesday Comics. That will be announced separately. I had my favorite choice, which was the old first edition size, the tabloid size. But I think we've got something that I hope will please as many people as possible.

3. MadameRogue asked:

When do we find out more information about Grant Morrison's Multiversity?

DiDio: With Multiversity, I'm trying not to get too far ahead of that story. Talking about it keeps the chatter going, but sometimes people seem to get tired of it before it gets here.

Multiversity is something that we've discussed. It's somewhere between a seven- to eight-part series. Each one of the parts will be featuring different earths from the multiverse. Past that, I'd rather wait until closer to the date, when it's about to be solicited.

Nrama: Do you have an idea yet when it will be solicited?

DiDio: Not at this particular time. Grant has a number of projects on his plate right now. This is one of the things that he's holding near and dear to his heart. Once he's ready to roll, we'll be ready to announce.

4. durkadurka asked:

I think the JLA has had a very inconsistent roster for a while now, but that pales in comparison to the Teen Titans.  Now with yet another death and the return of Superboy and Kid Flash, at what point can we see some consistency with the roster for more than a couple issues?

DiDio: In both those cases, both teams are in transition right now, and you'll probably see more consistency in terms of who the teams are by the beginning of the year. There are some changes that will be taking place.

Right now with Titans, we're showcasing a number of the individual characters because we wanted to spotlight them in ways that really brought them to a level of prominence, and more importantly, because we have future stories that we're preparing to tell with them. I think Tempest in Titans and then leading into Blackest Night #2 was a good one-two.

We also have plans in Teen Titans. We're probably coming closer to a set team. We'll be seeing the start of that with Issue #75 and #76. But then with Issues #77 and #78, I think we have Blackest Night, so that mixes the pot up a little bit. And then when we come back, we'll see a little bit firmer make-up of the team.

But one of the things I don't want to do is have a whole bunch of people leave and then a whole bunch of people join with no real story explanation or real cohesiveness on why this is taking place. So what might be deemed a change in roster is actually a more slow and gradual evolving of the cast, as you see people come and go. But I think there's a lot of story potential in reasons why people join the team and reasons why people leave the team. But I hate to see it happen all in one issue and lose what might be deemed potential stories.

Nrama: With the JLA, there's some belief that Batman and Superman will be returning at some point, so won't that shake up the JLA?

DiDio: There should be a Batman joining with the JLA at some point, possibly. There should be a Superman joining the team at some point, possibly. But quite honestly, I'll turn that back and ask, would a Batman joining shake up a team or bring stability to a team? It depends on who they are.

5. kryptofan1 asked:

Do  you have plans for the Milestone characters (other than Static in the Teen Titans) after the Brave and Bold stories?

DiDio: At this particular time, we have Static in the Teen Titans, and we're looking at a storyline that might be built around Static later in the run. But right now, no other plans.

6. Anoymous8 asked:

Any plans for a definitive retelling of Wonder Woman's origin like  Johns and Frank are doing with Superman?

DiDio: None at this time. One of the things we're concentrating on with Wonder Woman is helping Gail establish a lot of the characters and sensibilities on Paradise Island, and also really position Wonder Woman's place within the DCU.

At some point, we'll probably revisit that, but right now, the main thing is to just tell the best stories possible with Wonder Woman.

Nrama: Are there long-term plans for Wonder Woman's storyline though? Can you tell us anything about what's might be coming up for the character?

DiDio: I don't want to get too far ahead of ourselves with this, but Gail is building a major storyline that will get us to what would be deemed a landmark position for the character.

7. Yardley81 asked:

Recently I upgraded to an iPhone and found that IDW and Archie are both selling comic books through the app store.  Does DC have any plans for something similar in the future, and not Zuda, but actual DC Universe content, either original or reprint?

DiDio: Just like with collected editions, the digital delivery of DC Comics is not something that falls under my purview. But my answer to that is, it would be foolish to think that DC and Warner Bros. are not looking at ways to take advantage of digital distribution. But at this particular point, I'm not part of those discussions.

Blog@: BATMAN BEYOND is Officially Back!
Blog@: BATMAN BEYOND is Officially Back!
11. darknight11 asked:

you said Terry McGinnis will back in the DCU; will he have his own mini series?

DiDio: There will be a Terry McGinnis mini-series early next year. We've heard the fans, we've heard everyone's interest. And right now we're planning to put out a Batman Beyond mini-series in 2010.

12. 4thHorseman asked:

What is one thing that DC does extremely well that you are proud of, and what is one thing that you think it could improve on?

DiDio: That's a great question, but it requires thought. You know what? That's such a tough question, because I'm proud of so much of what we do. I can't talk highly enough about the editorial staff that works for me here at DC. These guys are here anywhere from eight to 10 to 12 hours a day working very hard to put out the best product possible. They work very closely with our talent. And they're trying to make sure everybody is handled in the proper manner, a respectful manner, and they turn out the best books they can do.

When I look at my staff and how hard they work, I find that it shows in the work, and in all the positive feedback we're receiving, everything from Blackest Night to Wednesday Comics to Superman and other series. That just doesn't happen overnight. We knew we went through a rough spot over a year ago. And we all made a major commitment to improve the way we work and improve the quality of what we do. And when you see from where we were and to where we are now and to where we're going to be, that's probably where I get the most excited. I know that the effort we're putting into it is showing up, and more importantly, that people are reacting to it positively.

When you have people working as hard as they do, and sometimes we get very buried in the day-to-day here and we get lost in the minutia of putting a book out, we forget when the actual product comes out, how much it affects people and how much people really want to see good material. And when you provide that to them, it's just a good feeling overall.

Nrama: And the one thing you can improve upon?

DiDio: I came from TV, and what's wonderful about the nature of television, which is the same as producing comics, is that we're in a periodical business, or an episodic business. And because of that, we're on deadlines. And we always want to make sure our books hit the deadlines. And you know what? I've gone through an enormous length to tell people, although one or two of books have recently missed a week or two of shipping, we went for three and a half months without missing a single delivery, which I think is incredibly important to do because it was a reaction to the fans, and saying, you know what? We put a book out, it should be there. We have adjusted, and we've made it happen.

But we're always trying to improve. In a periodical business, you always want that next thing to be even better than the last one. If something did not work, you remember it, you store it, and you try to fix it the next time. You constantly try to build, not just on successes, but also on where you missed so you can try to fix that as well. And that's one of the things I feel very strongly about is we can always be better, we can always be stronger, and we can always be quicker. We have to be on time, and we have to put the best product forward because we should never take anything for granted, in particular the fans. The perception out there is that fans will buy anything just because they're in the habit of buying things. And we know that not to be true. So we can't take anything for granted, so we always should be striving to be better.

13. grantg asked:

Can you pull the curtain back a little and tell us what's going on with Hawkman?

DiDio: One of the things we're probably most tight-lipped about is anything that follows Blackest Night.

Nrama: There's a lot of concern about the Hawks in particular.

DiDio: A lot of concern? What's everybody concerned about? It's summertime! People should be enjoying themselves. Go to the beach! You shouldn't be concerning yourself with this!

Without being able to say anything more, as of right now, the Hawks are Black Lanterns, and that's their role in the DC Universe for the time being.

14. PhilipAMoore asked:

Will Jim Starlin be doing any thing for dc in the near future maybe a third (non R.E.B.E.L.S.) sci-fi team up?

DiDio: Right now, Jim's wrapping up Strange Adventures with Issue #8, and I think that's the last work we have on schedule with him at this time.

Nrama: As a follow-up to that, there were a lot of people asking about what will happen with the space characters.

DiDio: We have a lot going on with the space characters. The R.E.B.E.L.S. series will be picking up on some of the threads from Strange Adventures, building on some of the storylines they're setting up with Starro the Conqueror, and then also meeting some of the other, more colorful characters in the DC Universe.

15. kungfufighting asked:

Any plans for Plastic Man?

DiDio: Right now he's appearing in Justice League of America, but at this time there's no plan for a series or mini-series.

16. ryanscottottney asked:

Mr. DiDio ... You've said before that this is the year of Batman, and 2010 is the year of Superman. Can you give some teases or hints about what readers can expect from the Man of Steel in 2010 - to get us through this long, cold (shoulder) winter we're in now?

DiDio: Right now, what I'm going to do is point toward the Codename: Patriot storyline that is unfolding right now in the Superman books. There are so many clues and so much that is being hinted about for where the Superman books are going in 2010. And that is probably a key turning point in the ongoing story of New Krypton.

I think if you're following Superman, and hopefully enjoying Superman, Codename: Patriot is the key story beat to see where the arrow's pointing for Superman in the future. We have a lot of things taking place in 2010, and Superman is one of the lead characters in the events of the year. And more importantly, James and Greg and Sterling are working so intensely closely on the Superman material that it's one of the reasons we felt comfortable putting the numbers shields on the books. These guys are working together and creating what we call mega-fiction involving all the Superman characters.

Nrama: There have been some questions about whether Geoff Johns will be part of those future plans with Superman, since we've heard about him being involved in those meetings.

DiDio: There are some ties to Adventure Comics, but it's more of a dotted line. Geoff's also involved in those meetings because many of the story beats are building off concepts and ideas that he established during his run on Action, and which are also being established in his Secret Origins series. It's always great to have Geoff in the room whenever we're discussing story.

17. Crimsonrainfall asked:

Will we ever get to see the Kurt Busiek Krypto story that DC kept scheduling over and over for like 7 months before the story just vanished?

DiDio: Probably.

Nrama: We actually had two people ask about that Krypto story.

DiDio: That's two more than asked in the building, so this is a step in the right direction. To be honest with you, we haven't given it much thought, but it's something worth revisiting at another point.

announced right here, DC will have a major Booth and panel presence at C2E2 in April 2010.

19. T Boogie! wrote:

What's the biggest thing you can tease about upcoming storylines that fans aren't yet aware of? And on a similar note, in your opinion, who's the character to watch in the DCU and why?

DiDio: What's really important to us right now is what's going on around Blackest Night. So much of what we've been building toward for the last few years has been leading us to this moments. So for us, we have so much story that has been layered in over the last year or so that we're going to take advantage of and build on throughout our line of books. And I think that, to get ahead of that story, would lessen the excitement of what we're doing in Blackest Night.

Realistically, because of the way it's scheduled, Blackest Night will be playing into next year. I think we should be enjoying this story as it's unfolding right now.

And for the characters to watch, I said it and the story slipped a little late so it's 2010 now. But there are two characters: We're watching Superman and we're watching Green Arrow.

20. Nrama: We're going to take this last one. You mentioned that Blackest Night is going to build throughout your line of books, and several people were wondering about the decision to have tie-ins in the regular titles. Is that something that's going to continue? Are the regular comics going to become more and more entwined with Blackest Night?

DiDio: What we tried to do is bring in crossovers where they made the most sense and where we had the most stories. So you'll see crossovers taking place in November and December in a number of our key titles where we feel Blackest Night makes the most sense. You'll also see some fun events taking place in the beginning of the year involving Blackest Night. And then, as we get closer to the conclusion, they'll be less tied into it as we focus on the Blackest Night title solely.

Nrama: Could we expect that there would be some new titles spinning out of it once it's over?

DiDio: If the demand is there, sure.

And that leads us Dan's question back to the fans, that he'd like you to answer below:

DiDio: Let's have some fun. Since I won't give anything away, what are the fans expecting to see post Blackest Night in the DC Universe?

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