Alterna Comics November 2017 cover
Credit: Alterna Comics
Credit: Alterna Comics

Alterna Comics has expanded distribution of their economy-priced newsprint titles to include Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, and Toys"R"Us.

"I'm thrilled for the creators at Alterna, obviously. They'll be able to get their comics in more stores, in front of more people. That's a great thing for comics in general," said company founder Peter Simeti. "Comic shops are obviously still the best place to find comic books, but expanded distribution in today's market is an absolute necessity. Comics should be everywhere and as a publisher, my entire job revolves around getting our comics in as many places as possible. I'm happy to report that we've been receiving dozens of messages from readers that are finding our titles on newsstands and then going to comic shops to add them to pull lists or pick up other titles that might have been sold out. This is exactly what we wanted to happen."

Alterna titles are available in "nearly half" of Barnes & Noble's 632 stores and all 260 Books-A-Million stores. In most cases, they are shelved seperate from the omic book section, in the magazine category.

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