JUSTICE LEAGUE DAY To Offer New 52 Reprint & Temporary Tattoos

Justice League Day #1
Credit: Ivan Reis/Marcelo Maiolo (DC Comics)
Credit: Ivan Reis/Marcelo Maiolo (DC Comics)

More details have been released about DC Comics' planned Justice League Day on November 18 - one day after the release of the Justice League film.

The publisher is offering a event-specific reprint of Geoff Johns and Jim Lee's 2011 Justice League #1 with a new cover by Ivan Reis and Marcelo Maiolo. Retailers can purchase these for a net price of $.25 each, with DC advertising them to public as free.

In aditional, DC will be giving away free sets of Justice League 2" x 2" temporary tattoos based unspecifically on retailers' past order history. There are seven tattoos: Justice League, Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman, the Flash, and Cyborg..

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