Alleged Art Thief Who Stole From JOE QUESADA Awaiting Extradition

Credit: Seth Kushner (Marvel Comics)

Francesco Bove, an alleged art thief who police say stole approximately $239,000 worth of original art from Marvel Chief Creative Officer Joe Quesada, is awaiting extradition from New York to New Jersey where the crime took place following his arrest at his home in Brooklyn, according to

Quesada reportedly hired Bove to repair damage to his home caused by a broken waterpipe, at which point it is alleged Bove moved into the home without Quesada's knowledge or consent. Police say Bove covered Quesada's home security cameras with towels before moving in and taking the art. The squatting was discovered when Quesada's wife remotely checked the cameras and discovered they had gone dark.

After verifying with their security company that the cameras were functional, the Quesadas confronted Bove who they say then admitted he and his unnamed girlfriend had been living in the house without permission. The theft was discovered after Bove's firing, when a friend alerted Quesada to the sale of several pieces he knew to have been in Quesada's collection, including a portrait of his wife by an unnamed artist.

Police say Bove admitted to selling the art to various dealers in New York, but also alleged that Quesada had given him the art because it was damaged by water. Quesada was reportedly able to recover around $5,000 worth of art from one unspecified gallery. According to, Quesada declined to comment for their story.

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