Credit: Jen Bartel
Credit: Jen Bartel

Black Panther writer Ta-Nehisi Coates has confirmed work on a Storm title for Marvel with artist Jen Bartel.

Coates first teased the series and collaboration during New York Comic Con, tweeting that he had been "talking collaboration" with Bartel alongside a Bartel-drawn image of Storm, with a message to "Stay tuned."

Coates' comments on Twitter followed a cryptic tease from Marvel Editor-In-Chief during an X-Men panel at NYCC, in which he said there was "specific interest" in relaunching a Storm ongoing series, which he said was somewhat dependent on scheduling.

The series was later confirmed by The Inquirer journalist Dawn Falik on Twitter, who said Coates had told her about the series in a yet-to-be-published interview. Coates seemingly confirmed the report by retweeting Falik's statement with the comment "Bright lady...".

No further details about the series, which has not been directly confirmed by Marvel, have been announced.

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