Floorbuzz: Adi Granov: Iron Man, Spider-Man and More

Tony Stark suited up as Iron Man.
Credit: Marvel/Paramount

Adi Granov was at his table in Artist's Alley at WizardWorld: Chicago, and we took the opportunity to talk to him about his comics work and to ask him about the consulting he did for the Iron Man movie.

Granov said he's been working on Iron Man: Viva Las Vegas with Jon Favreau, but the script is a little behind, so while he's waiting, he's doing a small story for Amazing Spider-Man with writer Mark Waid that will introduce a larger storyline the writer is doing with artist John Romita Jr. in the three times-a-month series. "It's a story to show where Eddy Brock has been and what happened to Venom," Granov said.

Granov, who designed the Iron Man suit that was used in the movie -- all versions of it that were shown during the film -- said he also worked as a consultant for several of the action sequences. "I did a lot of paintings to describe the scenes and what they'd look like," he said.

While Granov enjoyed seeing the film the second time, he was too nervous the first time he saw it. "The first time was really nerve-wracking. I didn't know if it was going to be good. I was so focused on what everybody's reaction was in the theater that I had a horrible time. But then the second time I saw it, I could relax and I really enjoyed it," he said. "And then when all the reviews came in and all the positive reviews, and then obviously on my end, everybody liking all the suits so much, it was a great experience. It was a two-year process, altogether, with all the marketing stuff I did. It took a year and a half of my life. So to finally see it finished and done was really, really good."

Granov said a lot of design work has already been done for the sequel. "But between then and now and when the movie starts shooting, things might change. There's no script at the moment, so whatever we did might need changing or updating or whatever. We haven't spoken to them yet, but I don't know if they'll use everything we've done already or if they'll do something new," he said.

For now, Granov said, he's thrilled to be working in comics again, and even if they do need his help on the sequel, he's not sure he wants to walk away from comics for that long again. "It's another year of my life, and I'm not really sure if I'm excited about that. I might ask if I could do it in a more limited capacity, just because it's such an involved process and you have to put aside everything else to do it," Granov said.

"I prefer comics. Hollywood is, you know, it's fun to dabble in," he said. "But that life, having to do that day-in and day-out seems like just a total nightmare to me."

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