MOM'S CANCER Author BRIAN FIES Loses Home & All Art To California Wildfires

Mom's Cancer
Credit: Brian Fries

Mom's Cancer cartoonist Brian Fies lost his home and "virtually all" of his original art after the California wildfires engulfed his Santa Rosa home. In a statement to Comics Reporter, Fies said that both he and his wife are safe.

"My wife and I escaped from our home around 1:30 Monday morning with about 15 minutes warning. I lost virtually all my original art from Mom's Cancer, Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow, two new graphic novels I've been working on, and everything else I've ever drawn or painted in my life," said Fies. "However, I grabbed my computer backup so should have digital files. Haven't had the time or courage to check yet. Much of my little collection of other people's original comics art is destroyed; however, I saved my Winsor McCay "Gertie the Dinosaur" (my Grail Piece), a couple of Schulz sketches and a Pogo."

Stephen Pastis, Tom Beland, and Brent Anderson live near Fies' area, and the cartoonist said they are "OK."

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