MARK RUFFALO Livestreams THOR: RAGNAROK (By Accident) - Report

"Thor: Ragnarok" still
Credit: Marvel Studios

Hulk actor Mark Ruffalo inadvertently livestreamed a portion of audio from Thor: Ragnarok during Monday night's red carpet premiere, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Ruffalo was livestreaming a portion of the red carpet for fans over Instagram, though he reportedly left the livestream running during the actual screening after pocketing his phone.

According to THR, nearly 2500 fans caught the livestream, which is said to have clearly streamed audio from the film along with the sound of Ruffalo and other audience members laughing. It ended at 8:15 p.m. local time, though it is unclear if Ruffalo ended the stream himself or if it simply stopped.

Audience members at the premiere were reportedly required to deposit their phones in bags which were collected by security and returned after the screening. It's unclear if Ruffalo was supposed to have done this as well.

Thor: Ragnarok is due out in theaters November 3.

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