MARVEL LEGACY #1 Tops METAL #1 As Best-Selling Issue Of 2017 So Far - Report

Marvel Legacy #1
Credit: Marvel Comics
Credit: Joe Quesada (Marvel Comics)

Marvel Legacy #1 was September 2017's top-selling print comic book according to Diamond Comic Distributors and new estimates from ComicChron peg it as the top-selling book of the entire year so far. ComicChron
estimated that the $5.99 one-shot amassed 298,242 copies by Direct Market retailers, beating out the previous highest-ordered comic book - September's Dark Nights: Metal #1 at 261,997.

Those numbers include Marvel Legacy #1's various covers. Since they were all the same price, Diamond Counted them as one edition on their sales charts. In contrast, September's Action Comics #987 and #988 had different price points for their variants, leading the distributor to seperate their numbers as separate editions. If grouped together the issues would have ranked a higher 7th and 8th for the month, respectively.

Credit: Greg Capullo/Jonathan Glapion/FCO Plascencia (DC Comics)

As with all of Diamond's sales figures, those numbers only account for initial orders from North American comic book retailers and doesn't include re-orders or reprintings, or sales to consumers. Marvel Comics has not notifed retailers of any second edition reprints of Marvel Legacy #1.

Going deeper into the charts, ComicChron notes that lower level titles - specifically ussing the 100th place sales slot as a barometer - are up. September 2017's 100th place was Nightwing: The New Order #2 at 25,027 estimated copies - the first time a 100th place book has sold over 25k copies since 1999.

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