What Back Issues Are Buzzing At NEW YORK COMIC CON - A Market Report

Amazing Spider-Man #129
Credit: Gil Kane (Marvel Comics)
Credit: Forrest Helvie (Newsarama)

Do those costumes have room for wallets? According to retailers set up at New York Comic Con, it would seem so.

Newsarama walked the con floor this weekend and talked to a variety of retailers selling comic books - be they larger retailers focused on more contemporary issues and trades to more niche retailers well-versed in the high-end market. And by all accounts, each had positive things to share.

Credit: Bernie Wrightson (DC Comics)

In terms of the vintage market, two major books stood out in every way: House of Secrets #92 and Amazing Spider-Man #129.

For those who may not know, House of Secrets #92 serves as the first appearance of Swamp Thing and is noteworthy for helping to launch the late Bernie Wrightson into A-lister status for decades to follow. Superworld Comics’ owner, Ted VanLiew noted that many key comics see a surge in value with the passing of those who were involved in their creation, and each of the dealers we spoke to noted that they could not keep copies in stock, often seeing them sell for nearly double their typical market values.

Credit: Gil Kane (Marvel Comics)

Likewise, Amazing Spider-Man #129 seems to be enjoying a surge of popularity due to Frank Castle’s appearances in Netflix's Daredevil and his own upcoming show. Whether or not these speculator surges will hold, however, remains to be seen.

Bob Storms, owner of HighGradeComics.com, also noted that he was seeing high interest levels in not just those two issues but also Brave & the Bold #28 in all grades of condition. Once again, those comic issues attached to an upcoming movie seem to be subject to increased speculation, this driving their prices up beyond what one might find in the Overstreet Price Guide.

Other vintage books that appear to be enjoying a robust level of interest are Incredible Hulk #181 (Wolverine's debut), New Mutants #98 (Deadpool's debut), and Batman: The Killing Joke. Tom Ianiello from Ianiello Collectibles noted that demand was so high for The Killing Joke that copies from all print runs were selling quickly.

“Anything with Joker on it, really," Ianiello told Newsarama. "People are also excited about the upcoming one-shot The Batman Who Laughs, so it’s driving sales in that area.”

Credit: Jason Fabok (DC Comics)

Speaking of Metal tie-ins and sales, Midtown Comics’ marketing assistant Henry Varona noted how anything related to DC’s Dark Nights: Metal was vacating the shelves as quick as they could stock them. Considering the enthusiasm from the crowd at the Dark Nights: Metal panel on Friday, the excitement seems to translating into solid profits for the large-scale New York-based retailer.

It wasn’t just Midtown Comics, however, as Desertwind Collectibles saw a similar interest in all things Metal-ic. Co-owner Sharon Richardson noted that in terms of their retail sales, Metal was by far and away the most popular book they were selling as well as facilitating submissions for CGC Signature Certification. What was unexpected, however, was that the one creator who was most desired for a signature was Todd McFarlane, whose comic production has been more limited in years.

Overall, the impressions we received from the various retailers Newsarama spoke with at NYCC 2017 is that sales were good. For those interested in getting in on the speculation market, however, expect a premium on any issue associated with an upcoming movie or television show as the chance to get in on the cheap is long since passed.

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