Brimstone art
Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC has renamed its upcoming "Dark Matter" line spinning out of Dark Nights: Metal as "New Age of DC Heroes." No reason was given for the change, but in additon to the rebranding it also announced two new titles during a panel at New York Comic Con.

The Curse of Brimstone by writer Justin Jordan and artist Philip Tan is scheduled to debut February 14, 2018, and is described by DC Co-Publisher Dan DiDio as "our horror book."

Credit: DC Comics

"We see a character from a coal town and watch it die. What about the rest of the country? What happens when those places are ignored? We always see about Gotham and Metropolis," said Jordan. "He gains the ability to turn into a character who ... has the ability to return the town to it's original stature if he takes a mysterious man's deal and become his agent."

Jordan expressed the need for DC books that take a look at the "forgotten places" and reinject some horror back into the company's overall line like it had in previous decades.

The Unexpected by writer Steve Orlando and artist Ryan Sook is described as a mystery book.

"It's a team of enemies that hate each other only slightly less than the world around them. It's Dark Tower meets Seven Samurai," said Orlando. "They get a chance to right the wrongs in their lives."

Like the other "New Age of DC Heroes" titles, The Curse of Brimstone and The Unexpected will launch with a $2.99 price point and have gatefold covers.

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