First Details on 2018's ACTION COMICS #1000

Credit: DC Comics
Credit: DC Comics

DC Comics has revealed the first bits of information on Action Comics #1000. Scheduled to arrive in 2018, the anniversary milestone is framed as a major event by DC Co-Publisher Dan Didio in the "DC Meet the Co-Publishers" panel at New York Comic Con.

"It's Superman's 80th birthday in the same year that Action Comics #1000 comes out, and we're leaning into that in a big way," said DiDio.

Jim Lee joked that the issue would come with 1000 variant covers.

At its current twice-monthly shipping schedule, Action Comics #1000 would arive in late March, 2018. Superman was "born" (i.e. debuted) in May 1938, making May 2018 his 80th birthday month.

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