New DUGGAN Title, BINGO LOVE, More Come to IMAGE COMICS In 2018

Credit: David O’Sullivan/Jordie Bellaire (Image Comics)

Image Comics has announced the acquisition of two new titles here at New York Comic Con, as well as an agreement to re-publish a recent Kickstarter success.

Here are the details:

Credit: Aaron Campbell/Jose Villarrubia/Jeff Powell (Image Comics)

Pornsak Pichetshote / Aaron Campbell / Jose Villarrubia / Jeff Powell
March 2018, 5 issue miniseries

Former Vertigo editor Pornsak Pichetshote announced a five-issue Image miniseries Infidel following the lives of an American Muslim woman and her multiethnic neighbors after they move into a new apartment building plagued by supernatural entities that feed of xenophobia. Infidel will feature a diverse cast and a story rife with the political undertones that explores the impact of racism and xenophobia on individual lives, from a wide range of cultural perspectives.

“It’s material that means a lot to us,” said Pichetshote. “For me, we attempted to make a super updated version of a classic haunted house story, taking it and setting it in a city like New York City. One of the things that was also really important to me was having the cast look a little more like the people I hang out with, which is a bunch of people of different colors and different faces.” 


Credit: David O’Sullivan/Jordie Bellaire (Image Comics)

Gerry Duggan / David O’Sullivan / Jordie Bellaire
April 2018, on-going series

What if the internet became less reliable and secure than it is today? Writer Gerry Duggan announced a new ongoing series Analog, following the adventures of a freelance, secret-toting 'Ledgerman' Jack McGuinness in a ‘70s-inspired espionage tale about a future where secrets can no longer be transmitted on-line due to a wide-scale attack that makes everyone’s internet history available for public consumption.

Duggan said that artist David O’Sullivan and colorist Jordie Bellaire have created a world that’s grim, but bright -- “there’s a scum in our society, but it’s rendered so beautifully.”

Analog will explore the impact of the ‘Great Doxxing,’ as he calls it, on a range of lives both ruined by and freed by the sudden loss of digital privacy. “There are still internet users. You would use the internet, but you use the internet knowing the world is listening or watching or could be listening or watching. So the idea that … it’s not quite hard-boiled in that sense, but as Jack is moving through the city, there’s clearly people who are paying rent broadcasting having sex in a car. Because at that point, why not?”

“Sincerely, the other dark side of this is lives are instantly ruined. Your wife finds out you’re cheating on her, your job finds out you’re moonlighting. It is a world of even more broken people than I think we have, which is sad. But I do think that through Jack and the woman in his life, Una, they offer hope.”


Credit: Jenn St-Onge/Joy San (Image Comics)

Bingo Love OGN
Tee Franklin / Jenn St-Onge / Joy San
February 14, 2018

Image Comics will be publishing Tee Franklin’s smash hit Kickstarter graphic novel Bingo Love with a brand new cover on Valentine’s Day, 2018. Bingo Love tells the story of Mari and Hazel, young black women who meet and fall in love at a church bingo event but find themselves torn apart by the prejudice and fears of their families. After finding husbands and starting families of their own, fate brings Mari and Hazel together again at bingo once more to rekindle their romance. But while times have changed, the lives they’ve made in their time apart will leave them with entirely unexpected new challenges to overcome.

Bingo Love raised more than $55,000 on Kickstarter from 1950 backers, and Franklin said that Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson reached out to her to say Image would be the right team to help bring Bingo Love to comic shops.

The book features art by Jenn St-Onge and colorist Joy San, and Franklin spoke highly of their work building a world featuring characters of a wider variety of skin tones, body sizes, and especially ages for romantic leads. “It was really important to me to have an inclusive team. Comics are bland! It’s time to season your comics,” Franklin said. “Sometimes people are just tired of reading bland chicken. Just season it up, and you’ve got queer grannies -- we’ve got the AARP folks up in here. It’s really important to me to show the youth that it is possible to have your happily ever after.”

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