The Advice ROGUE Actor Gave Her THE GIFTED Co-Star Husband

True Blood
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When True Blood's Stephen Moyer signed on to co-star in Fox's X-Men show The Gifted, he was able to get some frank advice from someone who's been there before: Anna Paquin, who plays Rogue in the X-Men films - and is his real-life spouse. Paquin's advice related specifically to Bryan Singer, who directed many of the films in addition to this week's debut pilot.

“They're very close, those two. So I was kind of prepped for the Bryan-ness of the role and she gave me some pointers about research and knowing your topic - because you kind of don't get forgiven for that," Moyer told Moviefone. "Which was great and I would have done anyway but I was like, 'Noted.' She was an invaluable resource for me and is constantly. It was also, as I said, it was really nice getting to back and watch the films from scratch.”

Moyer went on to say that he initially didn't want to do The Gifted due to the fact that it filmed in Dallas and not near their family home in Los Angeles, but Paquin encouraged him to take on the part.

The Gifted airs Mondays on Fox.

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