STAN LEE Raises $25k With MEGACON For Hurricane Relief Efforts

MegaCon Tampa Bay
Credit: MegaCon Tampa Bay

Stan Lee broke his vow to never do a Florida convention again this past weekend, but for a good cause. Lee appeared at the annual MegaCon Tampa Bay show to help raise money for Hurricane Irma relief, and by the end of the con had raised $25,000. The money was raised through the auction of seven unique items, and ticket sales.

Some of the items auctioned - and their ultimate going price - were: a cameo in the upcoming Jay & Silent Bob movie ($6,000); an all-expenses trip to Los Angeles to have dinner with Lee and go to a Black-Eyed Peas concert ($10,000) a dinner with Stan Lee ($3,400), and an unspecified Spider-Man book by Stan Lee ($1,000).

MegaCon Tampa Bay also had a promotion following the announcement of Lee's appearance, with $5 from the next 2000 tickets going to the hurricane fund.

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