DARK HORSE's SCOTT ALLIE Transitions From Staff To Freelancer

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Long-time Dark Horse Comics Executive Senior Editor (and former Editor-In-Chief) Scott Allie is stepping down from his staff position at the company and transitioning to a role as a freelance writer and editor, reports CBR. Here is a statement provided by the publisher:

"Scott Allie will depart as a full-time employee from Dark Horse Comics on Friday, October 6th," reads the statement. "He will continue his career in comics as a freelance editor and writer and will work with Dark Horse on several key projects. Dark Horse would like to thank Scott for his contributions during his 23 years with the company."

Allie joined Dark Horse in 1994 as a front desk assistant, and went to become the company's Editor-In-Chief from 2012 to 2015. Allie stepped down from that position following admitted misconduct with a comics creator. Most recently he has been editing the Mignola-verse titles, Lady Killer 2, Shadows on the Grave, and Shaolin Cowboy.

Dark Horse didn't specify which titles Allie would continue to edit and write on a freelance basis for Dark Horse, but in August Mike Mignola told Newsarama that Allie would assist in writing the finale of the long-running B.P.R.D. title.

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