Best Shots Review: HI-FI FIGHT CLUB #2 (10/10)

"Hi-Fi Fight Club #2" preview
Credit: Nina Vakueva (BOOM! Studios)
Credit: Nina Vakueva (BOOM! Studios)

Hi-Fi Fight Club #2
Written by Carly Usdin
Art by Nina Vakeuva, Irene Flores and Rebecca Nalty
Lettering by Jim Campbell
Published by BOOM! Studios
‘Rama Rating: 10 out of 10

Credit: Nina Vakueva (BOOM! Studios)

Chris’ teenage world is turned upside-down when she finds out her dream job at Vinyl Mayhem is just a front for an underground fight club, and if she doesn’t join her co-workers in vigilantism, she’ll lose everything that has given her life meaning. Hi-Fi Fight Club #2 is a great character-driven issue that follows Chris as she navigates through her insecurities, and makes one of the biggest decisions of her teenage life.

After these chain of events, Chris starts to ask herself a frequent question most teens wonder at some point in their lives: "Where do I fit in?" Writer Carly Usdin does a great job at allowing Chris to take her time in processing the reveal of the fight club, and what this means for her. For example, in the opener of the issue time practically feels like it’s standing still as a million thoughts are rushing through Chris’ head. Nina Vakeuva has Chris’ eyes darting from side-to-side showing Chris’ anxieties rushing to the surface as all she can blurt out is an awkward, “Cool. Cool.”

Credit: Nina Vakueva (BOOM! Studios)

At this point, the team explains the origins of how the group became a well-oiled machine, and with the help of Dolores’ sass - Chris feels too intimidated to contribute more to the group. This scene does a nice job at putting a spotlight on the personalities of the rest of the team, while not forgetting to keep the primal focus on Chris’ story as the outsider of the group being pulled into this crazy world of vigilantism.

It was great to see Chris’ internal battle with these new revelations, but the biggest pleasure of the issue is Chris’ interaction with her love interest, Maggie. After leaving Vinyl Mayhem, Chris is sulking in her room with a fresh jar of cookie dough, but then her world quickly lights up with one phone call from Maggie. Chris joins Maggie at the diner as she internally debates if eating cheese fries could be considered a date - making for a very endearing scene as Maggie pays for their dinner, continuing their adorable will-they-won’t-they storyline.

Credit: Nina Vakueva (BOOM! Studios)

At the end of the issue the story ramps up the action as Maggie showcases her fighting skills allowing them to stumble onto a new clue for their Stegosaur case. This creates for the perfectly balanced issue - there’s action, great character moments, and a developing mystery that keeps the plot well-structured.

Nina Vakueva’s pencils and Rebecca Nalty’s colors are the perfect collaborators for Carly Usdin’s bright and cheery script. Nalty keeps every page electric with a diverse amount of bright colors in the background of each panel creating for a very dynamic color scheme. The simple use of colors in the background allows Vakueva’s character moments to really pop as she expresses Chris’ internal struggles and awkwardness very well through her body language and facial expressions.

Vakueva has the opportunity to showcase more action in this issue compared to the series’ premiere. It was a pleasure to see the girls’ different fighting skills being explored, especially Maggie, when we get to see the use of her more flexible fighting skills on the field at the end of the issue.

Hi-Fi Fight Club #2 is a perfect follow-up to the series tremendously entertaining premiere. I didn’t know it was possible, but this group of teenage vigilantes have become even more likable, making me desperately wanting to pick up issue #3 to continue following Chris’ journey into vigilantism - is October here yet?

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