MICHELLE WILLIAMS Confirms Her VENOM Casting - And Reveals Her Character

Michelle Williams
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Updated December 18, 2017: Michelle Williams has confirmed her casting in Sony's Venom. She will play the character Anne Weying opposite Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock.

"We’re having fun. Um, we’re having fun," Williams told ScreenRant of the role. "It’s, um, well for me it’s Tom [Hardy]. I just thought, well, that guy knows what he’s doing. I’m just going to go steal some of his moves, figure out what he knows. I just wanted to, you know, you’re only as good as the people you play with and I really wanted to challenge myself with him as a partner."

In comic books, Anne Weying was Eddie Brock's ex-wife, who later briefly took on the mantle of She-Venom when the symbiote bonded with her after she was shot by the villainous Sin-Eater. In her brief stint as She-Venom, she went on a murderous rampage, which began a downward spiral that led to her suicide.

Original Story: Michelle Williams is in talks to join the cast of Sony Pictures' Venom, according to Variety. Williams' reported role is unnamed, but is described as a district attorney and potential love interest to Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy).

The "district attorney" description is reminscient of comic books' Ann Weying, a lawyer and ex-wife of Brock who at one point bonded with the symbiote to become She-Venom.

With production on Venom expected to begin in October, Sony has reportedly had meetings with Williams and other unnamed actors for this role in the past 30 days, with Williams said to be the studio's top choice.

Williams is best known for her roles in Manchester By the Sea, Shutter Island, and Brokeback Mountain.

Venom is scheduled to be directed by Ruben Fleischer, and is set for release October 5, 2018.

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