BENDIS Developing WORDS & PICTURES Sequels

Words for Pictures by Brian Bendis
Credit: Various (Watson-Guptill)

Brian Michael Bendis is developing a series of follow-ups to his 2014 instructional book Words for Pictures: The Art and Business of Writing Comics and Graphic Novels.

Responding to a fan question on his Tumblr, Bendis revealed that he began work earlier this year on his birthday, August 18.

"Well, thanks to word of mouth not only have I thought of one but a concrete offer to continue this as a series of books is on the table," Bendis said. "I am spending this entire calendar year, birthday to birthday, putting together the projects. I will fill you in more when it becomes more of a thing you can actually get."

The writer went on to say that the original book and his writing classes at Portland State are some of his most prized accomplishments in the industry.

"Making Words for Pictures and teaching at Portland State is as rewarding as anything I do in comics. David Walker and I start teaching again this Friday and not a moment too soon," said Bendis. "Teaching is good for the soul. Especially for people like us who spend so much time with our heads up our own asses."

Bendis continues publishing Words for Pictures-related content on a second Tumblr, which can be found here.

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