Two More MARVEL LEGACY #1 Returns Revealed - SPOILERS

Marvel Legacy #1
Credit: Marvel Comics

Spoilers ahead for Marvel Legacy #1.

Another pair of long missing characters have been revealed by Marvel to return in September 27's Marvel Legacy #1 - Franklin and Valeria Richards. The children of the Fantastic Four's Reed and Sue Richards, Franklin and Valeria haven't been seen since the end of Secret Wars in 2016.

Credit: Marvel Comics

"What does Franklin and Valeria’s return portend for the Marvel’s Universe’s first family? Keep reading," Marvel Editor-In-Chief Axel Alonso told ComicBook. "And start with Marvel 2-In-One, where half of the Fantastic Four will form the ultimate buddy book. Can one plus one equal four? Find out."

It was previously confirmed that the original Wolverine would also return to the Marvel Universe in the one-shot.

Marvel Legacy #1 is due out on shelves September 27.

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